Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gregory Porter and Elmer Fud...Asked and Answered

As a critic you work late hours listening to more pieces of music in a day than most people listen to all year...It is a passion. An addiction of sorts.

Strange thoughts cross your mind at 3 a.m.

I love Gregory Porter. Porter and vocalist Gretchen Parlato are the two best vocalists to hit jazz in the last quarter century but...What the hell is up with the Elmer Fud hat?

I found this interview on line...

Porter answers this burning musical question in the interview:

G.P. - "It’s my jazz hat (laughs). It’s been my thing, it’s been how I’ve been pictured, and how I’ve been out in public for some time now, so this is me. In the tradition of the music, there have been some great hats, and I’m throwing my hat in the ring, no pun intended."

Hmmm. To each his own. I don't think the Elmer Fud look qualifies as a great hat but then again I have never made Blackwell's Best Dressed List so what do I know?