Sunday, October 27, 2013

Giovanca Satellite Love Dox 2013

Retro soul with a jazz attitude has Giovanca welcoming you to the land of rhythm and groove.
Brent Black /
Satellite Love is somewhat of a personalized conceptual riff on living in what I refer to as the age of the digital download. The retro soul sound here is an eclectic hybrid of neo-soul, jazz, electronic and all with an ambient cosmic center. In other words, a critics worst nightmare as wheelhouses and genres are turned into an organic vibe of digital energy for the next generation.
Will America take to yet another hybrid? Artistic comparisons remain grossly unfair but to give you a roughed out version of what we have here think Sade meets Meshell Ndegeocello. The tunes here are original compositions, well thought out and with imaginative arrangements. The interesting thing is that there are no particular tunes to lock in on as their is that cosmic vibe that allows for a consistent ebb and flow of textured sound that washes over the listener with a soul filled and soulful groove that is wildly addictive.

Satellite Love is a somewhat autobiographical riff on life, love and all the potential pitfalls along the way. At times melancholy but never losing her soulful way, Giovanca has as much potential crossover talent as any artist coming from Europe today. This release is one of those hidden gems that will hit you on both the visceral and cerebral levels while Giovanca's voice is rich, full bodied and with a slight smoky finish. The American audience, critics, and record executives alike prefer to neatly compartmentalize their music. Giovanca shows the importance of taking what you know and what you like and then to try and move past that into a new realm of sonic bliss.

Tracks: Reginald & Desire; Look Of The State; Lockdown; Real; How Does It Feel; Bad Wishes; Finally Yours; Uphill; I Will Wait; No More; Satellite Love; Forgive My Soul; We Can't; Come Around.