Saturday, October 5, 2013

First Veterans Are Denied Access To Their Memorial, Now Obama Takes On God

Photo: Right...Obama is not a Muslim. I mean his name couldn't even be a clue right. Nice going America you couldn't have been any more of a sucker if you were on the end of a stick.

Nice going America...
You could not have been any more of a sucker than if you were on the end of stick.

Much like the greedy homeowner that got a mortgage they knew they couldn't handle, you voted for "Hope and Change" that never happened. Let's see you blame George W. Bush now...

Affordable Care Act my ass when my medical responsibilities under a law that was not legally passed just went up 40%...Oh, did I mention I am unemployed?
Government run health care designed to bankrupt the private insurance industry and gain more access to your privacy. You have been warned.

Brent Black /