Thursday, October 3, 2013

El Presidente Gives The Finger To Veterans!

This man hates our country and he hates our Veterans. Pretty pathetic to use the rights of our Veterans as leverage to get what he wants. Our Veterans deserve more respect than what this man gives us (HL)

What more needs to be said?

Don't blame Barry, blame your idiot neighbor that voted for this arrogant and incredibly disrespectful clown.

The White House has ordered more barricades up at the World War II Memorial. An outdoor Memorial requiring NO STAFFING. A Memorial YOU paid for...Liberals refuse to address the lies and corruption directly associated with this incompetent fool. The fall back liberal argument is that if you dislike Obama you are racist. I call bull shit! Don't roll over America. The enemy is not the Muslim terrorist but the enemy is from within and he resides in the Oval Office.

Veterans did not fight and die based on political party...Let me see the naive liberals in the artistic community blame this on George W. Bush.

I'm out...