Tuesday, October 22, 2013

@CriticalJazz Fundraising

As most of you may be aware I have done numerous pieces on artists that are attempting to raise money through kickstarter to launch their new projects. This is unheard of among critics but for this writer the back story in the evolution of a release can often be as interesting as the release itself.

I find myself in the middle of my own fundraising project thanks to my out of control medical expenses associated with my advanced liver disease and the myriad of side illnesses that happen to coincide. I am unemployed. Obamacare will not and does not address two main issues that are crucial for me.
1.) Obtaining the quality care that I need, this is greatly diminished and the majority of which is left for me to "attempt" to pay for.
2.) Transplant expenses and the ease of access for consideration varies from state to state. I may have to move in March.

This is not about ideology. I live this. I am fully informed from my physicians, governmental agencies in this state etc....

So...what is this post about?

I have had some artists send me some autographed releases out of the goodness of their heart because not only are they caring and concerned human beings but they appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears I put into attempting to discuss their work here.

I am entertaining bids on the following items and will update this with more details in the next 48 hrs.

I am seeking bids on autographed Ivo Perelman discs as well as Brian Culbertson and Jonathon Butler. These are limited quantities and will hopefully go fast. I would like to start the bidding at $100.00 and please note all items can be authenticated.

If you are not interested you can always contribute via the widget or paypal link on this home page.

 digitaljazznews@gmail.com is the address to submit your bid.