Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Blog Talk Copyright Infringement Update

Why people insist on screwing with me remains a mystery.

I recently reviewed smooth jazz rising star Theresa Grayson.

I received an e-mail from her publicist advising me he saw this review posted on Blog Talk Radio's Web Site and nothing more. When I went to the web site, I found the review posted but no links to my site or mention of appropriate credit.

This morning I emailed the contact section on Blog Talk Radio advising they could either
a. take it down immediately
b. leave it up and simply add appropriate credit

failure to comply would result in legal action starting with a take down letter going out to their host provider. I have always considered Blog Talk Radio above such questionable actions and am stunned that this has happened. Is it copyright infringement? I am not a lawyer. The lawyer I spoke with said yes...I will keep you posted. 

Almost 24 hours later and no word from Blog Talk Radio..."Fair Use" is using something in the public domain with wide spread accessibility and then giving appropriate credit, granted the original author still retains copyright and can ask for removal and if refused it is up to a jury to decide on just how logical the case may be.

Blog Talk Radio responded this morning and after going round and round with one of their executives suddenly the light bulb went on and the review came down faster than you can say "Hope and Change."

Reginald Ford...careful what you post my friend.