Thursday, October 10, 2013

Censoring Conservatives In A Liberal Medium

Screen actor James Woods and I have a great deal in common, he has fame and money and I don't. Actually what we do have in common is that because we both have spoken out against Barry Soetoro we have been censored by those working in our respective mediums. I have had labels, artists, and publicists all shy away from me simply for expressing a p.o.v. I have been threatened by musicians, harassed, by other writers and publications and these are the very people that scream for freedom and diversity.The irony being if you attack someone on the left for doing the same thing then you are called everything but your given name. In short, liberals seem to be more concerned about the nobility of their cause then the actual fall out. Here is a piece I found on Mr. Woods from


Actor James Woods has survived the psycho stalking of his ex-wife Sean Young, but fears his career is over because of his recent criticism of President Barak Obama. Wedged in an industry that leans heavily to the left, the conservative star of such films as The Onion Field and Salvador feels his prospects for future work may have dried up.
Woods has been tweeting about the government shutdown, focusing on veterans being turned away from the WWII Memorial.
“This President is a true abomination. To have barricaded the WW2 vets, but allow illegal aliens privilege…” wrote Woods in an October 8th tweet.
Woods also called Obama, “just vile. A small, small man.”
This criticism led one of Woods Twitter followers to ask: “Dude, aren’t u worried about…u know..ever working again??”

To which Woods replied, “I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first.”
Woods has been a long-time supporter of the Republican Party, though he is supposedly a registered democrat (go figure). He was vocal in his support for George W. Bush and the Iraq War. He is also a big fan of Rudy Giuliani and even lobbied to play the former NYC Mayor in a biopic cleverly titled: Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story.
It’s no secret that Hollywood is run by and infested with liberal socialists. Barak Obama is the darling of the movers and shakers in Tinsel Town. Woods may well have committed career suicide. It’s not a paranoid delusion that he could face blacklisting as a result of his criticism of the president.
I think we should all support James Woods and do a little blacklisting ourselves. Let’s vote with our dollars and stop paying to see films that start outspoken liberal actors. Tell Sean Penn where he can stick it. Let Danny Glover and Alec Baldwin know we’re done watching them act. Never spend a dime again on anything starring Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, or Susan Sarandon. Don’t give your money to the Geffens, Katzenbergs, and Speilbergs of this world because they’re going to turn around and give it to the Democratic Party.
I already have a boycott going for liberal actors the use their fame to promote gun control. I didn’t go see Kick-Ass 2 because Jim Carey made a video mocking gun owners and called us “heartless motherf*ckers.” I’m similarly done with Marky Mark Walberg who only makes films glorifying gun use yet called Charelton Heston “America’s best villain” for his role as NRA President and wished all Americans could be disarmed.
James Woods’ comments were courageous given his position in the entertainment industry. It’s nice to see someone with integrity in a business that has none. His one saving grace may be that even though Hollywood is radically liberal, they are also a bunch of whores. Producers will do anything to make a buck even if it offends their social and political views. If this controversy brings a lot of attention to James Woods, you can bet some slimy producer will try to exploit it and put him in a movie.