Thursday, October 24, 2013

Catching Up With Kevin Coelho - The Interview Part Two!

Continuing my conversation with Kevin Coelho...
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You are 18. Is it annoying to have the age thing brought up all the time when most musicians understand if you can play you can play? The B3 is not necessarily considered the most glamorous instrument so what drew you to organ?

K.C. -"I wanted to play the B3 ever since I heard Booker T. play “Green Onions”. As soon as I heard that song, I fell in love with organ and the sound and I’ve always liked any song that has an organ in it. And you hear organ in random places too – listen to pop radio and you’ll notice that half the songs have an organ track way in the background, but it’s still there. I pay attention to stuff like that. Plus organ is just kind of bad ass. You’re kicking bass and playing chords and playing melody all at the same time, and keeping a groove."

You have the musical world by the tail right now, what is up next?

K.C. - " I have a lot planned for the future. In the near future, I’m going to be doing lots of work with the group I manage, the St. Valentinez. They’re an absolutely killing group of musicians and entertainers, and we’ve been lighting the SF scene on fire recently. We’ve got a Kick starter coming out next week, and a single is going to drop right after that. Next summer we’re going to release “Bullet with the Butterfly Wings”, our debut album. It’s a big deal, and I love playing with them. In five years, I honestly can’t tell you where I’ll be, but for certain it’s going to sound a lot different from whatever I’m doing now. I’m already changing, and pretty fast too. I love the B3 and I love soul jazz, and it will always have a place in my music. But it’ll be deep down in the roots, and I’m going to build off of it. What I’ve got in plan is a lot of completely different things, so we’ll see where that takes me. Not in jazz either – I’m talking funk, R&B, gospel, hip-hop. That’s where I’m going. "

I want to thank Kevin for his time and leave you with a You Tube taste from his debut release. You can check out my review of the new record Turn It Up at: