Thursday, October 3, 2013

Brent Black's Liver Disease Fund Raising Campaign

O.K. I will return you to regular programming after this brief message...

I am fighting a tough medical battle right now and I need some help. I have been publishing fund raising campaigns for jazz artists from New York to Texas and now I need some help.

Below is my link to what is now my private Liver Disease Treatment fund raising campaign.
To make this campaign go "public" where the world can see it there as I understand it must be a ten dollar contribution from the outside world to make that happen.

Anyone got ten bucks? I realize that may be an average Starbucks order for some. Contribute now and please help me launch this campaign into a public setting. My time is running short and with the new health care law things are getting worse for me. Real reform is "uniform" while Obamacare varies in all states. This is not about ideology, it is about life as I experience it.

Please watch the video included and share this where you can!