Monday, October 14, 2013

Brent Black's Benefit Bust...I Ain't Dead Yet!

Sour Grapes? No...Continue reading and perhaps the light bulb will come on.

Most of you are painfully aware of my hatred for both acting President Barry Soetoro and his Marxist health care initiative known as Obamacare. But why? Let me be case specific as I am suffering from what is a terminal liver disease. Transplant guidelines are different in each state thus you are in a literal life or death lottery based on where you live. Obamacare does not address transplant guidelines. The Obama chew toy, failed singer and incendiary race baiting radio host Sandra Booker advised me that it does not contain these guidelines "yet." Ms. Booker would be advised to stick to attempting to make a living based on incendiary speech as her knowledge of how laws are made is laughable at best.

How do I know Sandra Booker? She worked on an attempt at fundraising for me on a benefit concert that no one attended. I don't blame her specifically and I know she did put in significant time and effort but I know other things. On social media Ms. Booker told me point blank that I "better be grateful." Hmmm. Those that follow me know I express my gratitude for those reading my column roughly three times a month so....where is this shit coming from? Oh wait...Ms. Booker also told me anyone that disagrees with Premier Obama and his Marxist health care plan is coming from a racist p.o.v. and that is a fact. Facts are documented and Ms. Booker offered none. So allow me to post this...

Ms. Booker has also posted an angry open letter to "white people" and or "white America" and the irony here is that her ex husband happens to be white. Why is it that liberals play the hypocritical race card without fear of being called out? This is America, not black America or white America but AMERICA. I don't know what is in her heart and I can not specifically question her motives but the groundwork laid here does raise a reasonable question of opportunism. Booker's All About Jazz fan page has one like. I quote from Ms. Booker who at my last search has not released a recording since 1994 and stated that she has nothing to sing about. Really? Hmmm. Makes ya think.
I thank everyone that tried to help me. I call out the insincere. I call out the artists that did not show when I happened to be the first critic to write anything positive about their work and in some cases giving them the benefit of the doubt and over selling their efforts. Only after MY reviews did larger publications pick these releases up and follow suit. How soon they forget. I don't review ideology. I call out hypocrites, opportunists and other assorted bottom feeders in the music industry. I have reviewed artists of all races, genders, orientations, religious and non religious beliefs and without prejudice.
Honest and integrity in music and specifically in jazz is dead. We now have a select group of politically correct race baiting radical leftists attempting to make a living on the inequities of the past and at the ignorance of a p.c. culture that simply can not figure it out. I know that I am not well liked, I can deal with that. I do know that unlike any other critic I have championed fund raising efforts for independent artists and charitable causes they may have been involved in. The collective I.Q. of the radical left in jazz is such that a group effort would be a cluster f*ck of epic proportions in attempting to collectively wind their watches. If they spent as much time rehearsing as they did getting involved in liberal pay back far more would have record deals and something that resembled a music career. 
Los Angeles turned their back on me...Unlike these vermin, I can look at myself in the mirror and know that my character and integrity can not be challenged. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of those involved. I question the motives of some and with good reason. I am expanding my coverage and away from jazz, this is a genre that is about to implode upon itself.
Good luck with that!