Monday, October 28, 2013

Brent Black's Benefit Bust First Blood Part Two

This just in...A few kind souls had a benefit to try and help me raise funds for my medical needs. This photo is of all the posters for upcoming shows at the venue yet MINE was the only one not posted. Was it due to the fact I am a conservative critic? Was it the fault of the venue? Was it the fact I have angered the loony liberal left in the L.A. scene? Perhaps the granddaughter of Jimmy McHugh who according to multiple witnesses was attempting to cause trouble at me benefit? More as this develops but to do this to another human being is the lowest thing you can possibly do. I will start naming names and I will start calling people out. COUNT ON IT.
The people involved to try and ruin my show succeeded. They are also the lowest pieces of crap to walk the earth. I broke reviews on the vast majority of these people. Yes, ME! Brent Black championed their cause only to have help I so desperately need denied....I will never forget this and this issue is far from over.
My poster was either never posted or taken down and THE ONLY ONE for the month of Oct.