Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Appearing Live In Louisville on Nov. 1 The Ex-Bombers At The Third Street Dive!

In today's economic climate you gotta hustle hard! The Ex-Bombers may be the epitome of what hustle in the industry really means. So who in the world are the Ex-Bombers? They bill themselves as "a dirtbag spy jazz / beatnik punk girl/boy duo" that are based out of Charleston Il.
O.K. I have reviewed well over three thousand releases in three years and have hit more genre types than one can imagine, never have I heard of dirtbag spy jazz but that's cool cause you probably haven't either. I'll be the first one to say that vinyl is dead and what little market is left is a market best left untapped. One man's opinion. Let me hip you to their point of view:

 The philosophy of refusing digital and releasing vinyl

Both music making and listening are very human activities that deserve a dedicated space away from the place of textual communication, dirty pictures, and brightly colored games. Everything about the band and label go against the grain of a convergence culture and the disposable digital ubiquity of music in 2013. Both live music performances and spinning vinyl reclaim the activity of music from a solitary manner of passing time and emphasize its original function as an experiential, social ritual. The Ex-Bombers, “The Tightwire” represents this ritual in seedy and seductive, meant for consumption by the album in full analog and monaural glory. Inconvenient for an ADHD generation, but worth the effort.

Fair enough...Sounds like?

The Ex-Bombers are a duo with a sound emanating from seedy and sleazy places. They use only an octaved 8 string bass, a small tom-less drum set, and girl/boy vocals to produce this sonority. With no effects or digital trickery, and instrumentation unique to them alone, they play dirtbag spy jazz/beatnik punk about being decommissioned. Menacing and avant with hooks, the pair merge an easy but provocative alliance between the flippant sounds of early Velvet Underground/Sonic Youth and the content and style of Soft Cell/Girls Against Boys.

 My turn...
Think Violent Femmes coming from a darker place...Cool stuff. I'd go to the show if I were you!
Better still...Check out the video and go to