Sunday, October 6, 2013

Albert Rivera and Journey2Transform - New York!

Pay It Forward...

Got a friend. Never met him and odds are I never will, one of those social network things that mercifully hasn't blow up in my face like so many. This cat is different, a righteous dude and a saxophone player to boot with a heart as big as his passion for life.

Albert has a company

Please hit up the website if you are into health, wellness and getting on a positive track.

Albert is doing a real special fundraiser to fight Lupus. A relative of mine has Lupus and odds are you know of someone that does too. I'm in the middle of my own medical fight but those of you that know me understand I never forget a friend and in these trying times we are all in this crazy fight for survival together.

Albert is the real deal, so is his cause. Do what you can!

Check Out The Link Below!

I am blessed to have a great many friends in that area, musicians that dig where I am coming from so spread the word! Donate, share...make it happen!