Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Prog Collective Epilogue Purple Pyramid 2013

The Prog Collective Epilogue is a stellar return to the very roots of prog rock. If the hit television show The Big Bang Theory had a soundtrack this might very well be it!
Brent Black /

I have to admit I am not totally sure on the origin of the term "Prog Rock" as we referred to this music as "Art Rock" back in my day which obviously dates me considerably. What is not dated with the prog rock super group, the Prog Collective is their sound. A cerebral riff on the sound of early Yes and King Crimson with delightful bits and pieces of early Genesis and Dream Theatre tossed in for depth and flavor that makes this release sound as though the legendary members of this ensemble have never missed a beat and they haven't!

To hit the high notes here members include but are certainly not limited to Rick Wakeman, Peter Banks, Alan Parson, Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood and Patrick Moraz. An incredibly delightful surprise is the spoken word ending handled by none other than William Shatner, Sheldon would be ever so pleased! Lyrically the compositions are deep, imaginative and well thought out with vocal duties banged out by such talent as John Wetton, Fee Waybill, and Alan Parsons to hit the high points. Guitarist Steve Morse and perennial wind pioneer Mel Collins turn in notable performances along with another six string shooter in Steve Stevens. Truth be told there are no weak links or sub par performances to be found and considering the incredible level of talent brought into the mix apparently egos were checked at the door with the end result a delightful amalgam of sound from a striking harmonic color palette.

The first single having already hit radio is one of many with mad crossover potential, "Shining Diamonds" features Alan Parson on vocals, Steve Stevens on guitar, and Chris Squire on bass. While music, bands, and band members evolve and sadly change on move on over their career, The Prog Collective succeeds on every front in keeping the dream alive and hopefully kick starting a subgenre of music left somewhat on the musical back burner of many for far too long.

4 Very Solid Stars, An Incredibly Noteworthy Release!

Tracks; Are We To Believe?; What Can Be Done?; Adding Fuel To The Fire; Tomorrow Becomes Today; Shining Diamonds; In Our Time; Memory Tracks; Just Another Day; Epilogue.

Personnel: Colin Moulding: Lead Vocals; Rick Wakeman: Synth Solos; Steve Hillage: Lead Guitar; Mel Collins: Saxophone & Flutes; John Wetton: Lead Vocals; Derek Sherinian: Synth Solos; John Wesley: Lead Guitar; Fee Waybill: Lead Vocals; Steve Morse: Lead Guitar; Jordan Rudess; Keyboard Solo; Sonja Kristina: Lead Vocals; Peter Banks: Lead Guitar; Larry Fast: Keyboard Solos; Alan Parsons: Lead Vocals; Steve Stevens: Electric & Acoustic Guitars; Patrick Moraz: Keyboards; Chris Squire: Bass; Billy Sherwood: Lead Vocals; Nik Turner: Saxophone & Flute; Geoff Downes: Keyboard Solo; Roye Albrighton: Lead Vocals; Gary Green: Electric & Acoustic Guitars; Tony Kaye: Hammond Organ & Keyboards; William Shatner: Spoken Word; Jim Cuomo: Drums.