Saturday, September 14, 2013

The FivePlay Quintet Five & More Auraline 2013

Sonic synergy at an incredibly high level of proficiency...and it swings!
Brent Black /

The FivePlay Jazz Quintet are far from new kids on the block having been solid fixtures on the Bay Area scene for close to two decades. Their third effort Five & More is an exemplary effort shifting between the more straight ahead bebop and post modern hard bop sounds that allow this formidable quintet to lay down their own artistic stamp on a truly original release. A vibrant swing and the subtle nuances necessary to allow this release to literally marinate in your subconscious. The use of the bass clarinet comes straight out of the YellowJackets playbook in bringing perhaps the Rodney Dangerfield of musical instruments to a front and center position giving this group an organic feel while cruising down a post bop highway.

The featured co-conspirators here are guitarist Tony Corman and pianist Laura Klein yet special guests including vibe player Ted Wolff pump in the flavor and give that sonic depth of field necessary to take a good release to a great release status. Allan Hall on drums and Paul Smith on bass are the rhythmic backbone while Dave Tidball blows it out on Saxophone and Clarinet. For a release of all original compositions, Five & More is simply hard to beat.

The Bay Area is often overlooked as a serious jazz city, this changes now. The FivePlay Jazz Quintet is the real deal moving from a jazz waltz to ballads to bossa nova these cats have no wheelhouse, they simply play great music. Call it jazz, call it improvisational music, call it anything that lets you sleep better at night because The FivePlay Quintet are in fact the real deal. Nothing to grind on here.

Tracks: The Girl You Look Right Past; Enology; What Bobby Said; Glow In The Dark; One Better; Rosa Rugosa; Stella Steps Out; Glamorgan; Abbott's Lagoon; Making Spirits Rise.

Personnel: Tony Corman: Guitar; Laura Klein: Piano; Dave Tidball: Saxes & Clarinet; Allen Hall: Drums; Paul Smith: Acoustic Bass.
Special Guests: Jim Dukey, Charlie Keagle, Dick Mathias: Clarinets (3,6); Ryan Black, Derek James, Eric Swihart, Rick Walsh: Trombones (1,5); Ted Wolff: Vibraphone (3,4); Frank Phipps: Bass Trombone (Marching Trombone) (6).