Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saying Goodbye...@Critialjazz calls it's own coda.

Pretty much the way I feel...

Effective 12/31/2014, I am done...

I started writing about jazz after falling through our Muslim Premier's cracks otherwise known as "Hope And Change." Music and specifically jazz was always my passion and will always be my passion. Due to my failing health and due to some of the lowest forms of people I have ever encountered (you know who you are) it is with a somewhat heavy heart that I announce my farewell at the end of next year.

I have obligations through 2014. I never turn my back on my obligations and I never make a promise I don't intend on keeping. The joy given to me by a handful of people will stay in my heart forever. The hate filled animosity from some self serving racists will be a welcome relief when this road comes to an end. I have met some incredibly special individuals I am proud to call "friend" be it cyber or otherwise. I have met some people if given the opportunity I would welcome the chance to book their seat on a plane crash.

I am not so naive as to not get how the game is played. I am a nice means of free publicity for many. My reward? A free compact disc...It just doesn't even out...I have put my heart and soul in this only to be used, abused, lied to and made sport of.

I love this music so much I am probably dumb enough to do it again...

When the Eagles broke up, Don Henley said they would reunite when hell froze over.
I'm not even offering that possibility.

My last day and my last column will be 12/31/2014.

I will stay in touch with the real friends I have made. I cherish YOU...Bottom line is sometimes you truly have to know when no one cares and your time is up. I will leave with some baggage as I am only human. Even a critic has a heart and feelings.