Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ping Machine Encore Neuklang 2013

Ping Machine: ENCORE – Live au Petit Faucheux

Orchestral free jazz unleashed...A cerebral direct hit right between the eyes!
Brent Black /

Free jazz may be slightly misleading here. Breaking the somewhat archaic conceptualized rules of what orchestral jazz "should be" and taking it to an exploratory level that few ensembles fear to tread and pull it off with such energy is a rare thing. Encore from Ping Machine is a live recording which makes the music pop with vitality and without the restrictions of what would normally be considered typical for most studio recordings. Ping Machine is far from typical. This is music that walks a harmonic tightrope that other large ensembles simply can not come close to.

Taking risks without being sanitized for your protection while remaining wildly accessible given the somewhat avaunt garde nature of this project is simply amazing. The unbridled passion is translated to the audience and they in turn transmit the same enthusiasm back to the ensemble. Frederic Maurin goes well past the genre and shatters the glass ceiling by embracing influences that range from Frank Zappa to Stravinsky. The soloists have their shackles removed and would seem to feed off the free flowing possibilities as the music develops from what can be only termed as an organic base by definition.

Orchestral jazz that is the proverbial square peg carefully pounded into that round hole of acceptance. This is not a release about sound, but about silence and the subtle nuances that take place behind the sound. Orchestral jazz unplugged. A sonic feast for the senses!

Tracks: Encore; Grrr; Trona.

Personnel: Bastien Ballaz: Trombone; Stephan Caracci: Vibraphone, Glockenspiel & Other Percussion; Guillaume Christophel: Baritone Saxophone & Bass Clarinet; Andrew Crocker: Trumpet; Jean-Michel Couchet: Alto & Soprano Saxophones; Fabien Debellefontaine: Alto Saxophone, Clarinet & Flute; Florent Dupuit: Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Alto Flute & Piccolo; Quentin Ghomari: Trumpet & Flugelhorn; Didier Havet: Bass Trombone & Tuba; Paul Lay: Piano, Fender Rhodes & Minimog; Rafael Koerner: Drums; Frederic Maurin: Guitar, Minimog & Direction; Fabien Norbert: Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet & Flugelhorn; Raphael Schwab: Double Bass; Julien Soro: Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet.