Friday, September 20, 2013

Obamacare A Death Blow Or Is The Calorically Challenged Lady With The Pretty Voice Just Warming Up?

So why would a polarizing and provoking jazz critic want to toss his two cents in on Obamacare?


I am dying of liver disease. I won't debate experimental treatments, positive attitudes, and prayers to deities that seem to hit voice mail and die there. Longevity depends on any "possible" regeneration, current damage, and response to appropriate treatment which is as unique as the individual suffering from this insidious soul siege. My prognosis if things go well 3-5 yrs and the last couple will not be pretty. I'm hopeful, I'm fighting and I am also a realist. I want to talk to you about one prime example of just how ridiculous Obamacare is when it comes to the question of reform. I need a liver transplant and it may occur after April of 2014 but here is the kicker.

Not everyone qualifies for a transplant. Better still, depending upon what state you reside in your chances of obtaining a transplant if you even qualify vary wildly. No American should live or die based solely on their state of residence yet this very simple and basic fact was never addressed in Obamacare. This my friends is the type of reform needed. This is not about ideology, this is about common sense and fair play. Think about it...

Think about this...The lawmakers are exempt from Obamacare, Unions don't want it and they will take damn near anything if they think it is free. Obamacare is not free. Doctors do not work for free, lawyers don't work for free, politicians don't work for free. Fiscally responsible reforms that address the issue I outlined above are the answer.

Companies are cutting employees hours to be exempt from the law. Employees are being laid off and some jobs are going unfilled. You can pay me now or you can pay me later. This is roughly similar to the greedy homeowner that signed the mortgage they knew they could not handle and then wanted to blame one political party for the housing collapse.

Here is a quick course on the Constitution. Bush never spent a dime. Obama has never spent a dime. Congress writes the ultimate check. If Congress does not write another bill to include funding then Obamacare is dead in the water. Game over. I raise a cautious eyebrow as we have a completely inept President letting his ego write checks the Treasury can not cash. Will Obama attempt an end run around the Constitution and risk almost certain impeachment? Will the American citizens now do the right thing and pressure Congress not to fund Obamacare by the deadline of 09/30/13?

The large calorically challenged lady is warming up folks...What happens next is a mystery.