Monday, September 23, 2013

Nik Turner Space Gypsy Cleopatra Records 2013

Nik Turner recaptures the magic of Hawkwind with the mind bending release Space Gypsy.
Brent Black /

Nik Turner is a founding member of the slightly ahead of their time space-rock ensemble Hawkwind. Turner took stage presence to the next dimension raising the bar for a plethora of artists throughout multiple genres, often wearing full makeup and Ancient Egypt inspired frockery there was little left to the imagination but to follow Turner's lead. Combining what can be argued as prog or art rock with some more open ended free jazz experimentation, Turner's impact remains as true and viable today as it did during the most critically acclaimed period of Hawkwind circa 1972.

Space Gypsy is simply Hawkwind having hit the fast forward button forty one years except this time there is a more defined lyrical sense of purpose. Turner's imaginative creations are indeed at their apex with compositions such as "Fallen Angel STS-51-L" and "We Ride The Timewinds." Some fellow Hawkwind members such as drummer Simon House and the phenomenal guitar legend Steve Hillage drop by for cameo appearances but the overriding vibe here is an inter-galactic Hawkwind on steroids guided by the musical visionary that is Nik Turner.

Pre-prog rock sounds from bands such as The Moody Blues and Asia have a direct melodic link back to the roots of Turner in Hawkwind and Space Gypsy is a reaffirmation of a set course that Turner would seem not to be willing to waiver from. There is a U.S. Tour running from October 9th through November 17th in support of this release which is available in multiple-formatted release combinations. For more I would encourage you to check out:

Tracks: Fallen Angel STS-51-L; Joker's Song; Time Crypt; Galaxy Rise; Coming Of The Maya; We Ride The Winds; Eternity; Anti-Matter; The Visitor; Something's Not Right (Bonus Track).

Personnel: Jurgen Engler: Guitar, Moog Synths, Mellotron; Jeff Piccinini: Bass; Jason Willer: Drums, Percussion; Nik Turner: Vocals, Flute, Saxophone; Nicky Garratt: Guitar.