Friday, September 13, 2013

Nicholas Payton #WeebleJazz

From the "have you seen my career lately file" we have another in the desperate attempts to grab media attention by utilizing the same race baiting tactics as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton...i.e. One Nicholas Payton.

To be fair and accurate his last release was really good, best thing he has done in 20 years. Payton also caught some undeserved heat for playing a jazz festival in Israel. I came out in support of his decision.

Now Payton wants to make a racial inference concerning the ear candy nothing tune from Alan Thicke and Pharrell Williams. Payton questions the "hubris" of a white man to rip off black music. Funny, I don't recall a label on Marvin Gaye stating this was for black folk only.

Mr. Payton - I question the "hubris" and the musical integrity you may well lack for not saying one word about black hip hop artists and rappers that have sampled everyone from the Rolling Stones to Aerosmith for years.

Bottom line - stealing is stealing and it knows no color lines. My opinion would be that Mr. Payton thinks it is o.k. and perhaps even "artistic" when a black artist rips off what he would consider "white" music of course Payton would argue all music is derivative from African culture so how can a black artist steal from himself? Semantics...A media hound if I ever saw one. The poor man's Wynton Marsalis. Hope and Change failed. #BAM failed, but I believe in the power of #weeblejazz! Go get em Nick!

I call bullshit.

Read his drivel and make up your own mind.

The amazing thing is Payton clearly and intelligently points out the differences between the two songs so...he kills his own argument before it even gets started. Hubris. Insert foot in mouth.  Ray Parker Jr. ripped off the theme from Ghost Busters after the Huey Lewis tune "I Want A New Drug." Any thoughts Nick or did this one get past you? Hubris? snicker...Hubris of convenience. A good album title.