Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nicholas Payton On George Zimmerman

In my recent post on Nicholas Payton I came across this jewel from his own site...Let me break it down old school.

1.) Zimmerman was not the aggressor according to the findings of the court. There is a concealed carry law in Florida and if you are in fear for your life you have every right to defend it. Zimmerman did.

2.) The BLACK Attorney General has held up Zimmerman's Constitutional right to carry a weapon after being found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Payton does not get that it.

3.) To call it an assassination is the same race bating tactics poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and even the mixed ethnicity President use to attempt to divide and conquer this country.

Payton claims he is not a racist...Look at Payton's own words and make up your own mind.
Martin sucker punched Zimmerman which is the act of a coward and a thug. Zimmerman was getting his head bashed in on the sidewalk. Better is a picture of Trayvon the media refuses to show you

From Nicholas #weeblejazz Payton

The 3 Bs
There are only 3 simple things the Black community must do in order to set this in motion. I call it The 3 Bs: Support Black culture, build Black businesses, and buy Black. That’s it! Well, if it’s so simple, why don’t we do it? Because we’re too busy supporting our oppression by financing and worshipping Whiteness.
zimmermanSo, when George Zimmerman was handed a not guilty verdict, it wasn’t a question of was he guilty of the crime. We all know he did it. What he ultimately received was a membership pass to the United State of Whiteness where the life of a Black man has always been expendable.
So on that fateful night Trayvon Benjamin Martin was murdered at the hands of his non-White brother, not only was it an assassination on a young man’s life, but another death blow to Black America.