Sunday, September 1, 2013

Narada Michael Walden Rising Sun Tarpan 2013

Ridiculously good!
Brent Black /

Think I was done with Narada Michael Walden? Flip it...Narada Michael Walden is not done with us! The EP Rising Sun will street on September 24th and much like the previously reviewed Thunder -

Rising Sun is a further showcase of a music icon at his creative zenith but lets be real, you can't do two years with Jeff Beck and not walk away inspired on some level. A cultural by product of his own experience, Walden digs deep with a special marriage of improvisational magic coupled with an organic rock base and a genuine spiritual tip that permeates this recording! Some old favorites are reharmed into new classics for a new age, "Cosmic Strut" along with "Sofie" and "Dance of Life" are given face lifts from the first Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck Wired and Walden's early solo work respectively.

Much like Thunder, Walden is coming from a place far deeper than the soul. This is improvisational wonder that comes at you head on hitting both the visceral and cerebral fronts with high octane passion! Some of the Bay Area's best surround Walden including Frank Martin (keyboards), Angeline Saris (bass), the incredibly impressive Matthew Charles Heulitt (guitar) and Nikita Germaine simply killing her vocal work. Narada Michael Walden is a Grammy and Emmy Winning Producer, Songwriter and World Class Drummer having replaced Billy Cobham in the Mahavishnu Orchestra then you get a pretty good idea that the spiritual flow here is the real deal. 

For those that fondly remember jazz/rock fusion and have long since given up the genre for dead, Narada Michael Walden breaks it out of the improvisational witness protection program and reinvents a style long since forgotten by many. Dropping multiple releases in the same year is nothing new. Dropping multiple releases in the same year that take "stupid good" to another level is something else. The best review I can give this Tarpan Studio release?
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Tracks: Dance of Life; Cosmic Strut; Sun Is Dancing; Sofie.

Personnel: Narada Michael Walden: Drums; Angeline Saris: Bass (Vocal - Dance of Life); Frank Martin: Keys; Matthew Charles Heulitt: Guitar; Gary Brown: Bass (Sun Is Dancing).