Friday, September 20, 2013

Mostly Other People Do The Killing Red Hot Hot Cup 2013

An adventurous lyrical firestorm amped up for a new generation. Post modern Hot Club gone wild!
Brent Black /

O.K...Let's address the elephant in the room first. Most Other People Do The Killing may not be the most politically correct ensemble name given the current times we live in but then again, I am not the most politically correct critic either. This Big Apple based all-star septet takes the more cerebral approach to the very roots of improvisational music from roughly eighty years ago and takes no prisoners in the process!

Shooting another elephant in my pajamas...

Red Hot at first glance may give the impression that this is a Dixieland knock off done by more rising star winners then have perhaps ever been assembled for one recording. Instead we find perhaps the most innovative hybrid of visceral good time improvisational music we refer to as jazz coupled with a delicious cerebral twist of post modern meter and harmonic exploration. It's a beautiful thing in the hands of master musicians and a train wreck for those lacking the required technical proficiency to pull off a stellar recording such as this.

Bagging the elephant...

While the pseudo-intellectual jazz theorists will wax poetic about idiomatic structural elements and anachronistic juxtapositions coming together in a decidedly contemporary fashion, founding bassist Moppa Elliot reviews this sixth release far better than I:

"This is the best album we have ever done."

Wildly engaging, imaginative and cutting edge there can be little doubt that Mostly People Do The Other Killing is indeed, Red Hot!

Tracks: The Shickshinny Shimmy; Zelienople; Red Hot; King of Prussia; Turkey Foot Corner; Seabrook, Power, Plank; Orange Is The Name Of The Town; Gum Stamp; Bird-In-Hand.

Personnel: Peter Evans (Rising Star Trumpet); Jon Irabagon (Rising Star Alto Saxophone); Dave Taylor (NARAS MVP Virtuoso); Brandon Seabrook (2012 Best Guitarist, Village Voice); Ron Stabinsky: Piano (Rising Star Composer); Moppa Elliot: Bass (Rising Star Composer); Kevin Shea: Drums, Percussion (2012 Best Drummer Village Voice).