Monday, September 9, 2013

Missing Persons Alert!

Photo: Shared from Sara Casm...Yup, where are they?? ~~KK~~
As the Russian Premier continues to make the acting President look like an idiot on an hourly basis there is an underlying tragedy going somewhat ignored...

Susan "Don't Bogart That Joint" Sarandon, Jackson "No Nukes was my last good record" Browne and Spike "Let's blame it all on race" Lee are missing in action. Obama's red line has now been crossed. Over 80% of Americans in a recent CNN poll - that's CNN people! - are against going to war. John Kerry is now making Joe Biden look like Aristotle but meanwhile the Hollywood elite are in hiding...mercifully.

Rats leaving a sinking ship.

In entertainment it is well known you never hitch your wagon to a fallen star. You are known by the company you keep and now key Hollywood players are avoiding Obama like the plague. The very people that bankrolled this block watch organizer into the Oval office are now keeping a lower profile than former President George W. Bush.

Blaming Bush for everything proved not only to be an a typical classless move by Obama but as comedian Dennis Miller said, "You may find yourself eating that very same crap sandwich one day." Open wide Barry Soetero because your chickens have come home to roost. The smart ones flew the coop.

You allowed the slaughter of Americans in Libya and claimed no knowledge and blamed it on a You Tube Video...Now when Muslims are rumbling you seem fully informed.

You spied on the American people and the Associated Press.

You used the Internal Revenue Service to attack your political enemies.

You are now turning a blind eye to Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East.

Time is running out Barry...To go to war to distract attention from your failed administration should be grounds for impeachment. I took the under on 7 years...God being right never gets old.