Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Michael Pedicin Why Stop Now Ubuntu GB2013

Michael Pedicin Why Stop Now

Post-Bop the way it was mean to be played!
Brent Black / www.bop-n-jazz.com

On Sept. 24th Michael Pedicin will release Why Stop Now ...Ubuntu. His twelfth and perhaps arguably his best outing thus far. To say Pedicin is in that creative zone would be an understatement of the blatantly obvious. Five releases in the last six years, each recording showcasing exponential growth and a lyrical soul that is for the most part unmatched by contemporaries today finds Michael Pedicin at the very top of his game.

A deceptively subtle conceptual work inspired by the tragedy in Newtown, there is a zen like quiet serenity that envelops the listener with sensitive pieces including the emotional ballad "Newtown" and a stellar solo composition "Ubuntu" which closes the release. Pedicin's gift as a composer is in full effect with the tribute to his musical hero John Coltrane with "Trane Stop." The cover of the Coltrane tune "Tunji" may be the most authentic and well conceived reharms of a Coltrane piece on record. 

While consistency is certainly the calling card for this most prolific recording artist and composer, the ensemble cast here is familiar and provides the perfect marriage of sound and silence that compliments the lyrical path Pedicin has chosen to follow. It is not uncommon for a recording of this nature to wind up as a leader among a handful of A list after thoughts, here we have the synergy of a true working band in every sense of the word. 

Highlights here are far too many to list. A dynamic release and celebration of life and of the gift of music. 

Tracks: Why Stop Now; Tunji; Downtown Found; Then I Saw You; Trane Stop; 27 Up; NewTown; Song of the Underground Railroad; Ubuntu.

Personnel: Michael Pedicin: tenor saxophone; Johnnie Valentino: guitar; Andy Lalasis: acoustic bass; Rick Germanson: Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes; Vic Stevens: Drums