Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Marcus Corbett Strung Deep 2013

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A three dimensional acoustic tapestry of layered texture and lyrical wonder.
Brent Black / www.bop-n-jazz.com

Ever see a release advertised as "highly anticipated" only to wonder why after the first spin? Strung Deep from world music artist Marcus Corbett more than lives up to this lofty billing with a masterful blend of deconstructed Indian music fused with one of the more organic vocal presentations you may hear.

Corbett's sonic journey has taken him from his musical happy place somewhere between Marlborough and Oxford in the U.K. to Pune in India and straight down the western coast of this land rich in harmonic textures left somewhat alone by most artists. A student of Indian Classical Music perhaps the best description of Strung Deep would be that this is a "riff" on the influences from this music that Corbett makes uniquely his. A cultural by product of his own experience, Marcus Corbett is but one of perhaps two artists that I have heard that can take this incredibly intricate art form and place their own artistic voice to command center stage in a unique hybrid of their choosing. Aside from the obvious Indian influence they eclectic work of such luminaries as Nick Drake, John McLaughlin and Jerry Garcia combine to create a melodic depth of field that gives up a little something new with each subsequent spin of the disc.

U.K. folk and Indian Classical are seemingly worlds apart yet Corbett has managed to create a harmonious synergy among musicians including Milind Date who is a prolific Bansuri (Indian flute) artist and violinist Sanjay Upadhye. There is an improvisational quality to the music best portrayed in the ethereal and organic presentation that takes on a virtual zen like quality. Well paced, engaging and much like a well written resume Strung Deep leaves you longing for more.

4.5 Stars

Tracks: In Deed; Castanets (with Tabla); So Lonely Pt (1); So Lonely Pt (2).

Personnel: Marcus Corbett: Guitar and Vocal; Louis Eliot: Guitar; Sharanappa Guttaragi: Tabla; Milind Date: Bansuri; Nitin Gaikwad: Tabla; Sanjay Upadhye: Violin.