Sunday, September 29, 2013

Liver Disease...When "Getting Better" Is Not An Option

Modern medicine is a stall...for everything.

Perhaps the annoying part of liver disease would be the "you don't look sick" to "get well soon." Let me break it down to you @CriticalJazz style. There are various stages of liver disease just like there are various stages of cancer. What does "sick" look like? What does an abusive spouse look like? One does not have to necessarily be jaundiced and incapacitated to be sick. Second myth is that there is no "getting better" as liver disease is inherently terminal. Regeneration up to a point is possible but only depending upon the amount of damage that you may have experienced. If they are talking to me about possible transplant options by April then my damage is obviously over the top.

I'm not looking for sympathy. Don't need it. My illness has taken a tremendous amount of joy out of what I am doing and when it ceases to be fun and becomes this much work then I need to focus on my own well being. I am not stopping completely. I am refocusing my writing into a wider range of genres and I am looking at what contributions I can make in terms of organ donor awareness. As I have stated numerous times, Obamacare makes no allowances for this. Google the transplant numbers as this effects millions of people. This would be real reform but instead I have been dealing with some second rate, low budget, racially divisive people that only see the benefit of Obamacare as being an idea from an acting President that is not white. Nice...

The reality is that the man that drafted this nightmare legislation is white and the bill itself is more of a plagiarized version of a bill Ted "Last Call" Kennedy attempted to pass roughly thirty years ago. Obama's ideas are not new and they are not about "Hope and Change." Obama's vision of and for America is to turn this great nation into a second rate European power that is economically unstable and militarily neutered. I don't trust any politician any more than I would trust a drug dealer, loan shark or child predator. I do accept a more conservative riff on this countries future as our only hope of survival.

I sit in the waiting room with people. Not statistics. White, Black, Latino, Asian and all seeking the same goals. Obamacare is causing jobs to be lost, premiums to increase and the health care system to implode from Government intervention.

Obama is the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people. Ever.

Getting Well? For my liver disease the only cure is a casket. Not if but when.