Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Judy Dyble Flow and Change Gonzo Multimedia 2013

A lyrical tapestry...heartfelt, evocative and emotionally stirring.
Brent Black / www.bop-n-jazz.com

Aside from music I have another guilty pleasure if not passion, food. In an ironic sense music is indeed food for the heart and mind of the listener. One thing I have learned is that one must always be willing to take what they know and what they like and then try and move past that. Judy Dyble's Flow and Change may well be the perfect soundtrack for this simplistic view on life and the various journeys one encounters along the way. If you don't experience more than one, you are doing something wrong.

This legendary folk singer has released folk music for a new age, not new age folk music. Autobiographical emotional short stories that are part of a lifetime mosaic made up of life, love, and loneliness. Perhaps the most engaging aspect of this recording is the way a folk singer whose first recorded work was roughly forty years earlier has found a most compelling space in the technology driven industry that is music and with the use of a simple laptop has pulled together such breathtaking sound scapes with musicians from around the globe that she has never actually met.

Lyrical poetry is by its very nature improvisational at conception. Dyble's eclectic vision captured within the context of aging gracefully is as emotionally gripping as it is whimsical and evolving. Flow and Change magically takes on a life force of its own. An organic microcosm of space and time with promises both fulfilled and broken. Judy Dyble's Flow and Change is far more than a traditional release. Flow and Change is an emotional journey to be savored.

Tracks: Black Dog Dreams; Featherdancing; Beautiful Child; Crowbaby; Driftaway; Head Full of Stars; Silence; Letters; Wintersong; The Sisterhood of Ruralists.