Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jazz Radio Is Dead...Don't Blame Smooth Jazz - Blame Yourself.

This is but one of the reasons I am gradually leaving the world of improvisational music. Jazz radio is dead and I mean literally...You have to know history. You have to know where you have been to know where you are going but Jazz is mired in the past...Young artists have almost no fair or real chance at getting played. Those that can crack jazz radio are pop or r&b music knock offs or are pimping racially charged music and ideology best left to Urban Radio where they belong and they include but are not limited to Esperanza Spalding, Nicholas Payton and others from the improvisational island of misfit toys...To be clear, I am not saying their music is necessarily bad but I am saying it is as far from jazz as one gets. Robert Glasper's last record was hip-hop pure and simple so what the hell is it doing on the jazz charts? Spalding's Black Radio was an incredible release is an Urban crossover! Does it fit the more conceptualized nature of what we know as improvisational music or jazz? No...Not even close. Blue Note and Verve are the two biggest labels to have turned their back on real improvisational music as we know it. Verve has Trombone Shorty while Blue Note released perhaps the worst recorded music in history by Jeff Bridges. Below is an example...
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Tony Adamo/Jazz Radio/ Dead Playlist Part 2
07-29-2013 | Radio News

As I Dig It/Tony Adamo
Jazz Radio/ Dead Playlist Part 2
New Jazz Artists way are you paying for radio promotion when the majority of jazz stations continue to play the dead Playlist?

7 out of the first ten jazz artists are dead on this Playlist. Do you think you have a chance of getting your music played?

Billie Holiday--Aint Nobody Business If I Do--Decca Masters--MCA
Duke Ellington-Caravan--Most Requested--Columbia
Louis Armstrong--Little Joe--You're Drivin Me Crazy--Columbia
Duke Ellington--Perdido--Most Requested--Columbia
Jimmie Lunceford--Stomp It Off--Stomp It Off--Decca Jazz
Jimmy Rushing--For The Good Of Your Country--The War--Sony

Lee Morgan--Hocus Focus--The Sidewinder--Blue Note
Christian McBride--Hallelujah Time--Mack Avenue
Gregory Porter--Black Nile--Water--Motema

Christian McBride--The Movement Revisited--People Music--Mack Avenue