Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jackson Rice 59 it speaks for itself 2013

Jackson Rice may well be one of the most versatile trumpet players on the scene today!
Brent Black / www.bop-n-jazz

When you stop and think about it there are very few true old school players that can pump out the type of quality product that takes you back to the early days of Blue Note and Impulse. Now this is not my first rodeo with Jackson Rice having been blown away from one of the better contemporary releases I have ever heard being his 2011 release Firefly.


To make the transition from contemporary instrumental back to the future with an old school riff on the straight ahead music that put bebop and hard bop on the map is not as easy as you might think, Jackson Rice just makes it look east. '59 it speaks for itself is the latest old school gone new cool offering from Rice and while it may be categorized as an EP there is nothing short on flavor and technique to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.

Six tunes including one original are all solid, well thought out compositions that build a lyrical ebb and flow that is simply timeless. The amazing aspect of this recording is that in the day of the digital download and the overuse of compression and other studio crutches we have a release as real, raw, and organic as they come. A live studio recording with no overdubs, samples, pitch correction or any other digital "fix it in the mix" applications that permeate modern recording technology today. In short, real musicians with acoustic instruments playing real music. Your ears will thank you for this.

The Bill Evans composition "Remembering The Rain" along with the Duke Ellington classic "A Single Petal Of A Rose" speak for them self. The Jackson Rice original composition "Love's Mystery" sounds like a modern day standard quietly waiting in the on deck circle for the Great American Songbook. Vocalist Heather Sullivan shines on "A Kiss To Build A Dream On." Artists like Jackson Rice are why I do what I do...and why not because they make it so easy!

Tracks: Sometime Ago; Remembering The Rain; I'm All Smiles; A Single Petal Of A Rose; Love's Mystery; A Kiss To Build A Dream On.

Personnel: Jackson Rice: Trumpet; Hans Brehmer: Acoustic Piano; Jeff Johnson: Acoustic Bass; Brad Boal: Drums.