Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ivo Perelman Matthew Shipp Mat Maneri A Violent Dose Of Anything Soundtrack

Ivo Perelman deconstructs his own lyrical sentences into various pieces of dynamic tension for an etheral effect seldom heard on tenor saxophone.
Brent Black / www.bop-n-jazz.com

I feel uniquely unqualified to review Ivo Perelman. You don't. Much in the same fashion that Perelman walks into a studio with perhaps little more than some ideas to build on, my intention is to free associate my thoughts with that of the music of the most prolific improvisational genius of our time. A former editor often cautioned me on using words such as genius and brilliant with the overriding reasoning of taste being subjective. Taste is subjective but tone deaf lasts forever.

A move into the world of feature film is not that far fetched, finding the right vehicle would be a different story. With A Violent Dose Of Anything we again find Perelman exploring the full length and breadth of open ended harmonic possibilities but in this setting there is an organic lyrical accessibility that is unique. Notes, phrases and lyrical flow are all artfully manipulated for dramatic effect. Long time pianist Matthew Shipp offers the perfect textural counterpoint but viola master Mat Maneri creates the necessary organic thread that allows for a far more expansive reach then one would normally consider possible for such an eclectic trio.

This is Ivo Perelman deconstructing his own lyrical path, reinventing the destination and then working within the framework of the moment to achieve the end of his harmonic journey. In the early days of silent film live musicians attempted to capture the drama and expression of visual images with a live performance, no rehearsals and no second takes. Ivo Perelman elevates not only his perception of lyrical abandonment but the performances of both Shipp and Maneri are the perfect examples of the musical synergy possible when left with the true nature of spontaneous creativity.

Tracks: Brasilia; Pedro; Virginia; Lucas; Jesus, el Vasco; Cristalina; Bia; Sao Joao del Rei
Personnel: Ivo Perelman: Tenor Saxophone; Matthew Shipp: Piano; Mat Maneri: Viola