Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Need Your Help...A Benefit Show

Roughly one year ago I was diagnosed with advanced Liver Disease. Since that time I have undergone five surgeries to tie off blood vessels set to burst. I have had dramatic fluctuations in weight due to taking up to 19 pills a day in most cases. I have developed a cardiac problem as a result of the stress on my system. Perhaps the most disturbing side ailment is encephalopathy which is when the liver can not filter the toxins out of your blood and the ammonia decides to pay your brain a visit. You become disoriented, your memory fades and your cognitive skills are like your car keys - they are there but you just can not find them. We are talking transplant but qualifications may prohibit that. I have no insurance, no savings, no real or regular source of income. Check out the show details below, I hope you can make it. If not then please visit my paypal link at

I had one amateur musician in Tennessee by the name of Greg T Randolph tell me this was whoring myself out. Greg's issue stemmed from me voicing an Independent opinion which is what critics do. I don't blame Greg, he claims not to know of the severity of my illness. He is a big fan of Miles Davis due largely in part of his lack of understanding of the cultural significance of Louis Armstrong. Pianist Mark Levine took it upon himself to msg me he would "ruin me" in music for not agreeing with the jazz community. My point? It is a community, a diverse community with room for everyone. Those that preach diversity the most practise it the least. I have done numerous kickstarter pieces to help young Independent artists get noticed. How many other critics take their time to do that. Better still these two Individuals are simply an example of the type of bottom feeders critics put up with. It is what it is...I don't like doing any of this. I do like the support and life long friends I have made along the way. Being a critic is a tough gig. You people make it worth it.

Sunday Afternoon Brunch and Jazz Show to benefit Mr. Brent Black Performace by the David Silverman Quartet. Featured guests artists: Ron Eschete Jim Hughart Mark Isbell Deborah Shulman Sandra Booker Kendall Kay ......Just added Rob Mullins Piano will join us. Plus More guests still to be announced. $20 donation plus brunch or 2 drinks.

4349 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City, California 91604
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