Thursday, September 19, 2013

How Much Does FaceBook Suck? Let Me Count The Ways...

I am a bad man...and a jazz critic.

I use facebook to connect with artists, labels, and publicists in regards to my work as a globally recognized music critic. I don't use it to make friends that I don't need or want nor do I use it because I have so much time on my hands that I need to fill it by playing farmer Black in douchebagville or candycrush. Oddly enough I received a friend request yesterday from someone interested in both. Did I block them? No. Report them? No...Yet this morning the all powerful Oz sends me a message warning me I had engaged in friending people I don't know...


You have child predators, racists, sexists and types of easily distinguishable human forms of garbage on your social networking site and you want to come after me?

I write about and review music. I have possibly met 20% of those I have written about in a face to face public setting. Being stricken with advanced liver disease limits my mobility but here is my point...If I have written a review that is favorable on any artist and then send a friend request how has my writing not established some sort of plausible link when it comes to what is defined as a "friend" in the mass media culture of today? Surely the individual I have written about (once they have seen my copy) knows who I am at that point, better still I receive solicitations from artists I have never heard from asking that I review their work.

I still encourage this and will still champion these artists until they pry my mouse from my cold dead hands when they come to bag me and tag me. The stupidity of the collective brain trust at faceplace is mind numbing. These hipster wanna be's must work part time in the Obama Administration as that would be the only other collective place of employment where short sighted vision and teleprompter induced knee jerk reactions would serve as standard operating procedure. I would still call upon every user to walk away from facebook collectively for 24-48 hrs or better still send as many complaints as possible to their founder Doogie Howser but wait, he may be too busy trying to get that stock price up to make some of that folding money that the liberals rail on and call big business. Life is a business folks. Money talks. It is what it is. You allow yourself to be victimized. Stop rolling over. 

My response...Classic. Big Brother is watching you and not necessarily from the Oval Office.
Facebook <>
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