Sunday, September 29, 2013

Help My Friend Smooth Jazz Superstar Cindy Bradley Take A Walk For Some Animals!

Hey folks! I know I have asked for help in fundraising for my medical fund but I have also made a promise to help other musicians with their projects.
Trippin-N-Rhythm artist Cindy Bradley is a certified contemporary instrumental super star that is as good as they come, we know that...Kinda of a sexy version of Rick Braun but I won't go there!
Cindy is an animal lover and is involved in a charity project that is of major importance when it comes to preventing animal cruelty...Help her out if you can. Share the page with a friend. Maybe give up one Starbucks run this week and contribute that. It goes for a great cause!
This is from Cindy's face book page:
Hello face book friends! I usually keep my charity efforts to playing music, but I am walking to raise funds for the Farm Sanctuary on October 19th. This organization is a rescue and refuge network that helps abused and neglected animals (animals effected by everything from natural disasters to factory farm cruelty). They also help with supporting legislation to end cruelty on factory farms. Thanks for reading and donating if you want to help! It's a very cool place! xo