Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Going Dark On Sept. 11th 2013

Most of you are aware that this past Sunday I was sentenced to 12 hrs. of hard labor in the politically correct Facebook timeout room.

My crime? I referred to Islamic extremists tied to Al-Queda fighting in Syria that Mr. Soetero is supplying arms to as "Syrian Sand Fleas." Evidently I made one ultra left liberal just a bit upset and I chuckle at the image of them wringing their hands and pounding out their report on mom's p.c. located somewhere in the basement of middle America. The collective brain trust at Facebook is far too busy figuring out how to make more and bigger money off the unsuspecting then they are allowing or promoting a view held by over 80% of Americans when it comes to the idiotic foreign policy blunder by Mr. Soetero that is making us the laughing stock of the free world.  

Meanwhile soft core porn, sexist, racist, and homophobic humor runs wild on Facebook but I get popped? Screw Facebook. Until they get live customer support and can do something more than hide behind an arbitrary tag of "community standards" to describe my violation then simply put:

I stand by my statement under the free speech guidelines that apply to all citizens. Subjective enforcement of any law is not applicable nor do I acknowledge it in this case. I asked that others join me in going dark on Sept. 11 2013 and while the response has been incredibly positive, I am not so naive or self absorbed as to believe it will make one bit of difference. In the spirit of not cutting my nose off to spite my face, I will go dark from 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. as it will be a busy news day and the volume of new releases coming is huge.

Let me leave you with something to ponder...
I have no problem with liberals. I have more issues than I can list with the FAR left.
While these naive ideological idiots better left on the political island of misfit toys march for this:

I choose to honor this:
 Photo: JMc
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.