Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Glen Beck Comes Out Of His Hole. He Calls For Obama's Impeachment And We Have 6 More Weeks Of Winter.

O.K. my dislike my the acting President Mr. Soetero is well known but never judge a book by its cover. The only person in the political arena that pretends to be a journalist that I despise more is Glen Beck...And for the record, I am an Independent Conservative.

Let's review...
Beck was literally shown the door at Fox News because advertisers were bailing faster than musicians were turning their back on Nicholas Payton's #BAM revolution. Glen Beck has made outlandish accusations and charges and predictions with NONE coming true and or none being substantiated by any independent body with an I.Q. that may be uh, higher than Nicholas Payton's. Now this Coptic Christian media hound is "personally" calling for Obama's impeachment. Way to jump on the bandwagon buddy cause this train has been running sometime and without you. A quick and easy shot at some much needed media attention? You make the call. Glen Beck is the worst thing to happen to the Republican Party since Richard Nixon.

Now...Let's review some more.

Obama promised the most transparent government in history but instead we have the most corrupt administration since oh gosh...Richard Nixon?

1.) Obama spied on the media.
2.) Obama used the I.R.S. for political gain to target his enemies.
3.) Obama allowed Hillary to lie and Americans to die in Libya.
4.) Obama still threatens an unproven and unprovoked attack on Syria endangering the only stable country in the region which is Israel.

Of course Obama should be impeached but...high crimes and misdemeanors have to be proven. For a failed media meat puppet like Glen Beck to "personally" call for anything other than his lunch order at the local deli is the height of hypocrisy and stupidity. Much like Nicholas Payton, speak when spoken to. Glenn Beck goes full on narcissist and does anyone care what he "personally" calls for? I don't...