Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gina Kronstadt Come Over FO 2013

Gina Kronstadt does an amazing riff on the singer / songwriter vibe with a stellar release in Come Over!
Brent Black /

The rather unobtrusive cover shot is certainly not indicative of the immense creativity going on with come over. Gina Kronstadt has the lyrical gift of a Rickie Lee Jones combined with the panache of a Lorraine Feather and pop jazz just took one small step for man one giant leap for fans everywhere. The cast of co-conspirators here is tight. Christian McBride, Reggie Hamilton, and John Beasley just to warm you up. For those playing at home and may not be totally familiar with Gina her work extends well past the shiny silver disc to both the small and large screens of the entertainment world. Come Over is a unique somewhat cathartic look at life, love, and evocative musings on one woman's emotional roller coaster through life. 

Those rare moments where old school and new cool meet are few and far between. Kronstadt's vocal gift is one of the finest suited for such a marriage. Sunday morning jazz? A bit of a lame comparison here but the vibe is unmistakable. A vocal exploratory of rhythm and a smoldering groove that allows one to ease into a deliciously engaging recording that is as well thought out as it is precisely executed. Impeccable phrasing, the ability to turn on a note and end with that slight smoky finish has Gina Kronstadt making vocal jazz sexy again. "Magic" along with social media anthem for some "Twitter Stole My Boyfriend" are two particular tracks that cry out for immediate attention but the ebb and flow here makes every tune an experience and builds that long lost "vibe" concept lost on so many artists that insist on walking the smoother side of the jazz street. Fresh, captivating and eclectic might be the first three one word reviews that come to mind with Kronstadt possessing that rare ability to sidestep genre. 

A critics worst nightmare and the listeners best friend. New music that is meaningful, alive with genuine passion and much like a well put together resume it leaves you wanting to know more!

4 Solid Stars!

Tracks: Magic; Tell Me (Or Not); Come Over; Twitter Stole My Boyfriend; That Night; Turn Around; One More Time; Just Ask.

Personnel: Gina Kronstadt: Singer, Songwriter, Arranger, Producer; John Beasley: Rhodes; Christian McBride and Reggie Hamilton: Upright Bass; Gary Novak: Drums; Luis Conte: Percussion; Bob Sheppard: Sax and Woodwinds; John Daversa and Walt Fowler: Trumpet and String Section. 

As always supreme thanks to Michael Bloom of Michael Bloom Media Relations.