Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fundanything.Com Fundraising An Update

As an Independent writer and critic, I don't make a dime doing this. I may do the occasional bio or liner notes or press releases which are not even a drop in the proverbial bucket. Many of you are aware I am suffering from advanced liver disease. I have had five surgeries since April, almost died twice and am also dealing with a myriad of side ailments now including encephalopathy.

In attempting to raise funds for my upcoming account I am trying to obtain some rewards to offer those with the ability to contribute so I am making my plea a bit more public than normal...

If you are an artist that can autograph a photo, a disc, something that your fans may appreciate and can raise money to help my fund please contact me at or if you have the ability to move it yourself you can send the contribution directly to me at the paypal link on my homepage at
I'll acknowledge all help on a special site page and throw free advertising your way as well. As Doctor Cox from Scrubs would often say,"Help me, Help You!"
I was told by the doctors and nurses at University Hospital here in Louisville that indigent care programs are being slashed to the bare bones. What little coverage I have will be gone and gone quickly. This are desperate times. I face the real possibility of not having adequate access to medicine and to the care I need. If this happens my condition will deteriorate quickly and any realistic possibility of transplant will die with me.

Contact me for further details. This is an open plea to artists, publicists, label executives, actors or anyone else this can be shared with. I have and will continue to devote time and space to not only helping young talent raise funds via kickstarter but to encourage organ donor transplant guideline awareness which is something NOT COVERED under Obamacare. This is not about ideology. This is about a second chance at life.

My sincere thanks.
Brent Black