Sunday, September 8, 2013

Freedom of Speech is dead at Face Book.

I am an Independent Conservative working a liberal medium...I must be insane.

At 4:19 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I was banished from posting on facebook for violating "their" community standards. I did...I specifically referred to the Islamic radicals fighting in Syria as "Syrian sand fleas"...Don't like it? Don't read it...But...There is a facebook group that goes by the name "Fuck You It's Funny" (nothing offensive about that title huh?) that posts profane sexist humor and I reported two posts after not being allowed to post and guess what? Their posts were allowed to stand. Let's see now, attacking sworn enemies of this country, bad. Making fun of and demeaning women, good?
I sent a message to the Obama mental chew toys that don't have the commen sense necessary to wind their watch calling bullshit! So far the gutless wonders have failed to respond. 
I don't give a damn about their community standards. I made a statement that according to recent polls is agreed with by 80 percent of Americans surveyed on the pending military action by one Barry Soetero. I find it incredibly offensive that a social media outlet will allow soft corn porn, religiously offensive groups specifically Pro-Palestinian terror supporters free reign but I get reported for making a statement that is agreed with by 8 out of 10 people? Which community standards are more important?

I have two words for both FaceBook and the politically correct liberal coward that is nothing more than an Obama chew toy and one rhymes with "luck" and the other is "you."

Let us review the situation:
Obama blamed a You Tube Video for weeks concerning the slaughter of Americans in Bengahzi and to this day has still done nothing to avenge the deaths of these heroic Americans. The Administration knows where one responsible party is located and could easily have him assassinated but...does nothing.
Meanwhile, Mr. Soetero is willing to risk American lives and the lives of millions of people in the only stable country in that region (Israel) to go after the leader of a country whose Muslim factions hate us.

For those playing at home and have minimal knowledge of history be it religious or otherwise.
Muslims hate Christians.

The war on terror is not a war but a jihad. Intelligent people know this. Barry Soetero sends fighter aircraft to the Muslim Brotherhood who kill Christians like we kill cock roaches.

I will do my twelve hours in the penalty box with my middle finger proudly extended.
I urge all free thinking, freedom loving Americans to leave face book for one whole day. Black out your profile and do not post one solid thing.

Can you talk to an actual person at facebook? No...Why? Facebook looks at and stores all your posts. I have posted a documented story here before. Google it...You will find it. Liberals won't look. 
I will be back on in twelve hours and will take the boycott to the next level and begin removing all far left liberals from my page immediately. The collective knobs running facebook don't have the cognitive skills to open an umbrella without a written directive from their founder Doogie Howser. Get over it.  

At midnight the morning of Sept. 11 I am asking all patriotic Americans tired of the social media bull shit to black out their profile photo and go off the grid for 24 hours in protest of not only unexplained facebook policies but to protest the Obama Administration and its duplicity concerning their actions in regards to Syria and Libya. PLEASE share this...Contact your local media outlets as well...Share this post on facebook! Contact me at