Sunday, September 29, 2013

Documented Job Loss Thanks To Obamacare.

Obamacare does not mean free health care...Below is a link being updated daily as information is made available. Currently this link includes over 300 places of employment and many of these are schools and Universities where jobs are being lost and or hours cut thanks to the government take over of health care...How can you buy insurance when you can barely pay the rent?

It is incredibly difficult to refute the facts or this list...Obamacare kills jobs and Americans just as it was intended to do.

I am suffering from advanced liver disease. This "President" and this law are killing off my access to quality care. I am not just a number on an actuary table. I am a human being. I will continue to fight every order this "President" gives and encourage others to do the same until they bag me and tag me. The long term unemployed suffering from chronic illness/disease are being left out in the cold. This is not real reform. There are 47 hidden or "stealth" taxes in this bill. Obama is a multi-millionaire. Obama is NOT one of us. Yahoo News has documented that Obama has received more in Wall Street contributions than any President since George Bush I.

Liberals ignore these facts because if they are lucky enough to have a job then it doesn't hit close to home. This isn't about ideology but it is about common sense and fair play. We need reform. We don't need an irresponsible mandate railroaded through the Senate by means of extortion and without law makers having adequate time to actually read it. The primary writer of this bill now refers to it as a pending train wreck. My hospital has put me on notice to expect the worst...Thanks for electing him America. You really did me a solid.