Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Critical Look At The Liberal Double Standard

Sometimes it feels like that...

When people make assumptions about Black or Hispanic Americans without specific documentation or evidence of any kind this kind of speculation is called racial profiling.

So why is it when you align yourself with a specific ideology your character can be trashed, assumptions made, and threats to your career be posted and this is not profiling? I distrust all politicians on an equal footing yet because I will accept a conservative approach as the lesser of two evils then I can be referred to as racist, sexist, homophobic and a slave to a network I never watch? You don't know me. Attempting to make a career off your race or pimping inequities of the past that  you have probably never experienced is from the Al Sharpton school of race baiting 101. I don't roll like that. We live in a racist society. We always will. You can not legislate human decency. You can try and educate and overcome but it is a never ending struggle no matter the race, sex, or orientation of the communities involved. 

Fox news starting at 8 p.m. is not "hard news" but info-tainment slanted to attract a specific audience. Learn the difference. CNN/MSNBC do the exact same thing, oddly enough I don't watch them either. I am a former political writer for a Gannett paper, I left to avoid the hate and animosity and occasional death threat that is the typical baggage that comes with working that side of the journalistic street. Again, make an unfounded sweeping generalization against a black man and you are racist. Make an unfounded sweeping generalization against a white man who simply is honest about who he votes for and you are somehow speaking a noble truth? Real Christians don't advertise, they don't need to. Those that scream for diversity practise it the least.

As a critic I have been asked to "tone it down" by many. Entertainment writer Jonathan Widran told me to keep my political views to myself and that jazz was a liberal medium and I needed to be mindful of that. Given the fact one of Widran's private clients came to me to "fix" an over priced bio that Widran had written for him, I simply considered the source and stayed true to my beliefs. There are artists that have shunned me, labels that have bailed because I dared to offer fair critical analysis of their product and publicists that pander to all of the above.

In my defense, I have reviewed and interviewed black, white, Latino, gay, and straight entertainers. I have interviewed, promoted and supported artists whose political views are not even on the same planet as mine and whose religious tolerances vary widely. A noted entertainment author gave the best advice saying if you only get ripped on by a handful of people the numbers are still way in your favor. True...I know from experience for every hater, I have five people minimum supporting me. The jazz community is small and very diverse. The jazz community is also fractured and at times intolerant of it's own people. The jazz community tends to implode from within and then blame others for their shortcomings. Working together and working smarter not harder is the only hope for jazz.

I often say does anyone remember melody?
How about common sense?