Friday, August 30, 2013

The United States to attack Syria...So Where Are We Now?

Acting President Barry Soetoro denied live press coverage concerning his remarks on Syria where a military strike in evidently happening within hours / days...Mr. Soetoro promised the most open government in our history yet his government spies on American citizens, the press and rules without the approval of Congress or the Senate as Soetoro would see fit....

Military action without the approval of Congress is illegal. The resulting action would in all probability have the Muslim nation of Syria launch an attack against Israel who would respond with lethal force as they should...President Soetoro should be removed from office by all legal means necessary.

So....Just where are we exactly? Sitting here in the hospital and having watched or thanks to Mr. Soetoro not watched in some cases updates on Syria this is it in a nutshell.

Acting Premier Soetoro wishes to attack Syria for attacking Syria...
Given the overwhelming lack of global support coupled with the same here in the United States and with talk of impeachment hovering over his head like a self inflicted political chemical weapon, Soetoro has now said he will "allow" Congress to debate the issue.

Is this the same type of sham used to debate his train wreck legislation known as Obamacare which he railroaded through and his own office of management and budget termed, "a disaster?"

Soetoro has just announced to the "enemy" we are coming. The very few naive ultra liberals still supporting Soetoro seem to forget that the former Iraq dictator that President Bush removed from office used chemical weapons on his own people and we have video evidence. No known film from Syria has been released. If you are morally outraged on one then you have to be morally outraged on both. There is no moral high ground here. Premier Soetoro has turned the power of his own administration against the American people.

1.) Citizens are spied on.
2.) There is no longer a "free press" as they are spied on as well.
3.) Soetoro turned the power of the Internal Revenue Service against his political enemies for personal gain.

All facts. All verifiable.

This is not about ideology. This is about one dictator assuming the moral high ground of politically correct acceptance while attacking another dictator merely to deflect attention from his own failings.

This political slight of hand must not stand.
Please note another very important fact, Soetoro never said he would honor the decision of Congress no matter the outcome. Not honoring the decision of Congress and pulling the trigger on military action could very well be the start of imminent impeachment proceedings not to mention put the women and children in Israel at grave risk. To put American troops in harms way given the circumstances should be an outrage to all Americans no matter party affiliation.

So we are attacking Syria for attacking itself?
Someone wanna explain that shit?