Sunday, August 4, 2013

SKNAIL Glitch Jazz SKNAIL Sound 2013

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SKNAIL - Glitch Jazz / A cerebral experience taking improvisational music right to the edge.
Brent Black / Not Just Jazz

I am on an auditory quest. New sounds, exciting presentations, and new experiences to heighten my own sonic awareness. Working as a writer is not as glamorous as I make it seem...A good critic needs to become comfortable with the happy place that embraces the hard truth that you will never learn it all nor will you ever hear it all and that is what makes your sonic adventure that much more meaningful. What you should never become comfortable with is...your own comfort zone. Enter SKNAIL and Glitch Jazz.

A quick introduction to Glitch Jazz would be to call it the first cousin on the ambient electronica family tree, yet another sub genre we don't need. On the other hand we have Glitch Jazz which is a mind blowing harmonically induced cerebral battle of the will between the more avaunt garde presentation of improvisational music but heighend with the digital downfall of modern electronics. The hum of a hard drive, the artful manipulation of distortion, and abused audio recordings in this disposable age of musical enlightenment, Glitch Jazz is an experience.

Attempting a traditional review on music presented in anything other than a traditional format is taking artistic futility to new and uncharted waters. Much like breaking free from the shackles of editors that love to be needed but serve little useful purpose, Glitch Jazz breaks with convention by taking those digital artifacts seemingly left to expire on their own and channeling their demise into a genre defying presentation.

While most electronica is simply bad disco on steroids with an inane one note ambient trip leading nowhere, Glitch Jazz has a definite lyrical presence that is somehow heightened with the free jazz induced technological melt downs occurring before our very ears. The textured layers of subliminal ambiance move like ripples in a puddle until their reach is stifled by the ultimate boundaries that encircle the water. SKNAIL is a Swiss composer and producer that has gathered 6 professional jazz and classical artists to explore the most organic improvisational music one might experience. These are recorded confrontations between man and machine with the machine assuming the role as digital metronomes with a sonic pulse unique to their technology.

Far from improvisational white noise, Glitch Jazz is an experience and a modern sound scape that unites man and machine as one living breathing organism.
A stunning feast for the senses.
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Tracks: The Snail Part 1; The Snail Part 2; The Snail Part 3; The Way Part 1; The Brick Part 1; The Brick Part 2; The Brick Part 3; The Way Part 2; The Razor Part 1; The Razor Part 2; The Razor Part 3; The Other Side.

Personnel: Sknail: Electronics, Progamming, Glitch; Alain Dessauges: Double Bass; Guy-Francois Leuenberger: Piano; Yannick Barman: Trumpet; Philippe Ehinger: Bass Clarinet; Laurent Waeber: Alto and Baritone Saxophone; Denis Tercier: Bugle (8); Diane Brutsche: Cello (9).