Friday, August 2, 2013

Roomful Of Blues 45 Live Recorded Live At Ocean Mist Alligator 2013

45 Live

Fire and brimstone jump blues! "Aim the beat at their feet" is still swinging hard after 45 years!
Brent Black / Not Just Jazz

You may be asking, "What in the world is jump blues?" If you work strictly off context and imagination then you probably will not be too far off. Jumps blues is an uptempo blues banged out by a small ensemble with horns and can trace it's origins back to the 40's. Fast forward to 2013 and Roomful of Blues and you have a high octane octet that combines the swing of the old Basie band with the firepower of the Fabulous Thunderbirds back in their heyday.

While most bands are lucky to work together anywhere from five years to a decade, Roomful of Blues 45 Live celebrates a milestone if not a rarity in the music business which is 45 years working together as one of the most respected and sought after bands in the business. 45 Live is a microcosm of the band's history, sonic snapshots that don't yellow with age but become more vivid and meaningful with the passage of time. One of the extreme facts that make up their storied history is that in 45 years the band has only employed four guitarists including founding member Duke Robillard who was later replaced with another legend in the great Ronnie Earl. 

Tunes here are old favorites and some classic reharms of some American standards including "Jambalaya" and "Dressed Up To Get Messed Up." Recorded live at the Ocean Mist, Roomful of Blues keeps the joint jumping and embodies the motto of @CriticalJazz - "Swing hard or go home!" There may be a handful of bands traveling the circuit attempting this kind of music but there is only Roomful of Blues! 

45 Live is pure entertainment. A joyous celebration of the passion that music brings from somewhere deeper than the soul. Keeping the beat at their feet and banging out another winner, Roomful of Blues is still on top of their game after 45 years!
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Tracks: Just Keep On Rockin'; It All Went Down The Drain; Jambalaya; Easy Baby; That's Right!; Crawdad Hole; You Don't Know; Dressed Up To Get Messed Up; Straight Jacquet; I Left My Baby; Blue, Blue World; Somebody's Got To Go; Turn It On, Turn It Up; Flip Flap Jack.

Personnel: Phil Pemberton: Vocals; Chris Vachon: Guitar; Rich Lataille: Tenor and Alto Saxophone and Clarinet; Mark Earley: Baritone and Tenor Saxophone; Doug Woolverton: Trumpet; John Turner: Bass; Rust Scott: Keyboards; Chris Rivelli: Drums.