Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nicky Schrire Space And Time 2013

"Here Comes The Sun " by Nicky Schrire
Finally, a release where the pretty girl can in fact sing!
Brent Black /

Nicky Schrire's Space and Time is an intimate journey of the power of a vocal artist going "unplugged." The exponential growth of Schrire with this sophomore release is staggering given the incredibly crowded pack of female vocalist she is attempting to navigate through in an effort to bring her eclectic yet incredibly fresh riff on classics from both yesterday and today to the forefront of modern jazz. With tunes that range from the Beatles to Irving Berlin, Schrire is not taking the easy way out by merely beating to death standard we all have grown to love and in some cases tolerate. The compositions here are carefully thought out and then deconstructed with just piano and voice. In the hands of lesser talent this could be living on the lyrical edge. For Nicky Schrire this is simply her melodic wheelhouse.

Connectivity. Embracing the story in song and making that ever important connection that allows the listener to join Schrire on an imaginative journey through space and time is difficult if not daunting at best for vocalists twenty years her senior. The journey is made complete not with the standard accompanist that often serves as somewhat of a musical afterthought. Space and Time finds a deceptively subtle flair and sophisticated elegance with pianists, Fabian Almaza, Gil Goldstein and a personal favorite of mine in the great Gerald Clayton. The reharm of Massive Attack's evocative "Teardrop" is harmonically striking. Another mercifully fresh arrangement of the Beatles "Here Comes The Sun" showcases the shift in genre from the more traditional jazz vocal to walking the at times dangerous harmonic tightrope of folk-pop and jazz.

 An organic sense of freedom might be the predominant vibe here, original compositions such as "When You Go" and the title tune "Space & Time" and deliciously simple yet with an air of mystery gives you an intriguing glance at prolific talents of Nicky Schrire but you just might have to wait for that next release to see where they go...All good things come to those that wait. Space and Time could well be considered Schrire's coming out party and her musical stock is certainly now on the rise!

Tracks: You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You; I Wish You Love; A Song For A Simple Time; Someone To Watch Over Me; Teardrop; Bless The Telephone; And So I Sing; Seliyana; When You Go; Say It Isn't So; Here Comes The Sun; Space & Time.

Personnel: Nicky Schrire: Voice; Fabian Almazan: Piano (3,5,7,10); Gerald Clayton: Piano (2,6,9,11); Gil Goldstein: Piano (1,4,8,12)