Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Natsuki Tamura Dragon Nat Libra 2013

Natsuki Tamura boldly goes where no trumpet players have gone before. Dragon Nat is stunning!
Brent Black / Bop-N-Jazz

Most fans of Miles Davis are so because they simply don't dig the cultural implications of Louis Armstrong. Sorry...Had to be said.
With that thought in mind there is another trumpet revolutionary residing a few thousand miles across the Pacific Ocean that has released a solo trumpet recording destined to change the sonic landscape for most serious trumpet players not to mention aficionados everywhere. Natsuki Tamura would fall under the heading of what we here in the United States would term a free jazz artist, Natsuki Tamura is a performance artist. To try and place Tamura in a box with a tag would be the sonic equivalent of caging a wild bird.

Dragon Nat is the first solo release from Tamura in close to a decade. An incredibly engaging riff on his own music, Tamura deconstructs and rebuilds his own improvisational technique on previous work opening up an external dimension of harmonic movement not easily found in some of the original pieces. Essentially Dragon Nat is a second slightly unplugged take on the acoustic 4tet Gato Libre. The exploratory that Tamura unleashes covers the entire sonic spectrum from simples lines to brilliant lyrical colors to an edgy impressionism that takes one back to fury of early Freddie Hubbard and Lester Bowie.

In the spirit of self exploration the under current in this particular setting is one where Tamura has the ability to maintain his improvisational focus without influence from other voices. Dragon Nat while diverse in texture does maintain this laser beam like focus and provides a new dimension of lyrical thought for Tamura to explore.

A stunning recording destined to change improvisational trumpet for years to come.
Tracks: Shiro; Dragon Nat; Forever; Dialogue; In Berlin, In September; Wunderbar; World; Matsuri.

Natsuki Tamura: Trumpet