Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Narada Michael Walden Thunder 2013 Tarpan 2013

Thunder 2013 is Narada Michael Walden at his very best, stupid good!
Brent Black / Not Just Jazz

Grammy and Emmy Award winning producer and drum icon Narada Michael Walden is back bigger and badder than ever with Thunder 2013 set to drop on Sept. 17th 2013. Thunder is the first release set to roll out from Walden's new label Tarpen Records. Walden brings together the collective sounds that have defined his career and has created his own unique hybrid of sound bridging the elusive gaps between rock, fusion and funk and the results are ridiculous!

Having worked with and toured with such legends as Aretha Franklin, Sting, and most recently Jeff Beck, Walden's Thunder is a brilliant tapestry of sound and texture with a hard hitting contemporary edge. This is visceral music, straight from the heart and pure passion on a shiny silver disc. Opening with the controlled sonic fury of the title track "Thunder" the table is set for a musical feast transcending the self imposed limitations of genre and any other arbitrary tag that critics or industry executives would place on this most dynamic presentation. "Throw Your Hands Up" is a post modern riff on perhaps where Living Color and Lenny Kravitz would be today had they stayed the course. Artistic comparisons are inherently unfair to all parties involved however sometimes necessary in an attempt to paint an impressionistic view of a recorded work. This tune hits as hard as anything popping on what is left of traditional album rock radio today. "Shake The House" is another funk nasty that is as infectious as it is forward thinking. Nirada Michael Walden has long been known as a musical visionary with lyrical diversity his business card and again "Shake The House" is simply classic Walden amped up to the next level. "40 Days" features Matthew Charles Heulitt on guitar. I must confess that I have no prior knowledge of this player but am wondering where he has been all my life. Heulitt could double as the Jeff Beck for a new generation.

Thunder 2013 is what happens when all the stars are in perfect alignment. The additional band members here are top flight artists with each a vital voice to this remarkable ensemble. This is not jazz. This is not funk. This is not rock...This is simply great music!

Easily going on the Best of 2013 list!

Tracks: Thunder; Throw Your Hands Up; Shake The House; 40 Days; Shirley Mae; New York City; We Belong Together; Down Low; Miracle Of Fatima; Dragonfly; Movin' On; Dreams Of Vinyl; Don't Wanna Let You Go; Power; Thunder / Angel Funk

Personnel: Narada Michael Walden: Drums, Keys, Vocals, Synth-Bass, Percussion, Glockenspiel; Bass; Angeline Saris: Bass; Matthew Charles Heulitt: Guitar; Frank Martin: Keys; Nikita Germaine: Background Vocals, Vocals; Joel Angelo Margolis: Keyboards & Percussion; Jim Reitzel: Bass, Synth-Bass, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, Organ; Troy Lampkins: Bass; Katie Mersereau: Bells; Pandit Prakash Sontakke: Electric
Slide Guitar; Amit Datta: Guitar.