Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Michael Dease Coming Home D Clef 2013

Michael Dease plays with the lyrical soul of a poet and the technical precision of a surgeon!
Brent Black / @CriticalJazz

I don't write straight reviews. I don't write technical reviews. Jazz needs to find a more accessible base in an effort to not only grow the music but encourage an influx of fans and followers. Michael Dease is the man for job, a respected educator and well established leader has Dease and an all star collective turning out one of the better if not somewhat hidden gems for the year.

While familiar with the recordings of  Dease both as a leader and as a top flight first call session ace, his work as a leader is beyond reproach. An expansive yet uniform tone has Dease as the model of consistency and his ability to manipulate dynamics to suit a particular tune are nothing short of a master class for aspiring trombonists. Coming Home is a true collaborative effort with that harmonic synergy often associated with the classic Blue Note or Impulse recordings from roughly 50 years ago. The epitome of making old school new cool includes a cast of co-conspirators including Steve Wilson, Renee Rosnes, Christian McBride and one of the most exciting risings stars in drummer Ulysses Owens Jr.

Steve Wilson and Michael Dease shine on the high octane "Good & Terrible" while an incredibly organic warmth permeates the classic Duke Elington tune "In A Sentimental Mood. Michael Dease lays down an incredible jazz nasty with "Blues Etude" showing his range and versatility. There is little else to say in terms of critical evaluation of this work. Michael Dease is the future of modern jazz trombone and has just raised the bar some insist on limboing under. An all star band that plays like a true collective from "back in the day" and not a handful of afterthoughts simply sweeten this pot of gold at the end of the sonic rainbow.

Too Easy!
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Track Listing: Solid Gold; Motherland; Blues Etude; In A Sentimental Mood; Good & Terrible; Lifewish; The Shade Of The Cedar Tree; Just In Time; All Heath; The Release; Take It To The Ozone.

Personnel: Michael Dease: trombone; Steve Wilson: alto saxophone; Renee Rosnes: piano; Christian McBride: bass; Ulysses Owens, Jr.: drums; Eric Alexander: tenor saxophone: tenor saxophone (11); Tony Lustig: tenor saxophone (4), baritone saxophone (5); Andrew Swift: percussion (10).