Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Colorado Conservatory For The Jazz Arts Hang Time Capri 2013

Jazz education is alive and well thanks to the Colorado Conservatory For The Jazz Arts.
Brent Black / @CriticalJazz

There are those that are insisting jazz died with the death of Charlie Parker, or was it Louis Armstrong? The same individuals seemingly building a career riding on the coat tails of masters they never knew while maintaining they somehow hold the keys to the culture kingdom are oddly ignoring the stellar work being performed and recorded by the Colorado Conservatory For The Jazz Arts.

With Hang Time we are treated to two ensembles mentored by trumpet great Greg Gisbert and pianist Eric Gunnison who cut his teeth playing with such luminaries as Carmen McCrae and The Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band. Gunnison is also a highly respected Denver based jazz educator who helped put together two amazing ensembles of students that are the future of and for improvisational music in North America.

No keyboard were hurt during the recording of this release due largely in part they were missing in action while replaced by guitars to serve as the harmonic ground zero for each well honed unit. The talent level is through the roof and goes well past the usual suspects such as bop, post bop and swing. Flavor and inspired playing finds these large ensembles venturing into the often turbulent waters of funk, Afro-Cuban and Latin flavors with some Asian panache tossed in just for kicks. Oh, did I mention they do all original compositions?

The preconceived notion that this recording would be little more than the stereotypical "recital" release is pushed aside with a vibrant swing and unbridled enthusiasm that transcends the bandstand to come pouring out of your speakers. The Colorado Conservatory For The Jazz Arts is a non profit organization "dedicated to empowering youth to creatively express themselves through the language of jazz."

Mission accomplished.
These are some dynamite young players that are well deserving of special recognition.

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Tracks: Pop; Gotta Listen; Outer Space; Tai Chi; The Road Not Taken; Home; Quikatude; Buenas; 3 OT; One Sunset; Afterthoughts; Grampma; Art & Judy; I Won't Be Your Man.

Personnel: Group Giz: Kyle Bollacker: Bass; Stephen Chen: Alto; Garrett Bodley: Tenor; Michael Lenssen: Trumpet; Robert Delgardo: Drums; Christopher Navarrett: Trumpet; Zack Demos: Trombone; Carlos Snaider: Guitar.
Group Gunn: Molly Sauer: Trumpet; Jake Alvarez: Guitar; Alejandro Castano: Drums; Patrick McDevitt: Bass; Danny Meyer: Tenor; Daryl Gott: Alto; Mark Clifford: Vibraphone.