Saturday, August 10, 2013

Charnett Moffett Spirit Of Sound Motema 2013

Charnett Moffett embraces a global life force of music designed to move the soul with his stunning release Spirit Of Sound.
Brent Black / @CriticalJazz

Virtuoso bassist Charnett Moffett takes one giant leap forward in the world of improvisational music with an open ended approach to music designed to inspire both on the cerebral and visceral levels. With the help of friends and family, a unique collective is formed that has Moffett's prolific talent moving toward a world music perspective yet with a precise integration of sound that is not so heavy handed as to easily categorize where the music may be heading. Be the ball. 

From a compositional perspective Moffett has mad skills with a game as tight as any bassist today. Spirit Of Sound is far from the typical electro-acoustic riff having been done by numerous A list bassists, here we have not only family including his son drummer Max Moffett who gives new meaning to "in the pocket" but we have five all star fixtures from the Motema stable including Marc Cary, Oran Etkin, and Tessa Souter. A minimalist zen like quality permeates the recording while this amazing all star cast finds their own hard swinging center from which Charnett Moffett seems to feed off. 

Moffett gives perhaps the best review of his release with the following, "I seek to free my mind and the listener's mind with my music. I believe that music is an art seeking truth and of healing." While having often said there are no musical truths but merely shades of gray, Moffett cuts through the sonic ambiguity of space and time like a laser shining a bright light on a lyrically uplifting flow with a sound that easily sidesteps standard categorization. Ten original compositions are fresh, vibrant, and harmonically centered. Angela Moffett does an inspiring spoken word performance on "Seeker of Truth" while their daughter Amareia performs a haunting vocalese on "Opera." The opening tune "Bassland" sets the table for a captivating ebb and flow as Moffett welcomes you to his own personal land of rhythm and groove. 

Music should move a person on a multitude of levels. If the Motema label were to put their mission statement to music, Charnette Moffett and Spirit Of Sound may embrace their vision as well as any artist on this incredibly forward thinking label. 

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Tracks: Bassland; Seeker Of Truth; Opera; Hope; Natural Heritage; Swing Raga; Blues Walk Groove; Overpass; Lonely Woman; For Those Who Know; Spirit Of Sound.

Personnel: Charnett Moffett: Acoustic Upright Bass, Fretless Electric Bass,Piccolo Bass Guitar, Vocals; Angela Moffett: Spoken Voice, Tamboura; Max Moffett: Drums, Tabla; Amareia Moffett: Vocals; Oran Etkin: Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone; Babatunde Lea: Percussion; Tessa Souter: Vocals; Jana Herzen: Vocals; Marc Cary: Piano.

Video courtesy of You Tube.